See all available free drum kits to download sampled from real hardware units like Roland drum machines, Yamaha, Linn Drum and more.

Free Game Boy Drum Kit Download

Nintendo Game Boy Drum Kit

Game Boy Drum Kit is a free collection of 8-bit drum samples which were recorded from a black Nintendo Game Boy running LSDJ software. All of the included samples are 100% dry and unprocessed, apart from the fact that they’ve been recorded through a compact tube preamp.

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Free Vaporwave Drum Kit Download

Free Vaporwave Drum Kit

Aesthetic is a free Vaporwave drum kit, packed with over a hundred kicks, snares, claps, toms and cymbals. As is typical for the genre, all sounds are based on vintage drum machines from brands, including E-MU, LinnDrum, Oberheim or Roland.

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