Download The Icon Drum Kit Free Today

Icon Drum Kit By Wavgrind

The Icon Drum Kit is a free drum kit with high-quality, royalty-free drum sounds you can use to create any style of track.

These sounds are perfectly crafted and engineered to cut through your mix and impress your listeners!

This pack contains 351 drum samples and is 46MB in size.

How Are These Drum Samples Going To Benefit You As A Producer?

  • These are high quality, perfectly crafted drum samples. When used in your music, your listeners will be impressed!
  • Sample selection is crucial to creating diverse music. This pack includes a wide range of samples with varying styles and genres. Whatever music you’re creating, this kit has you covered!
  • You can drag and drop these sounds straight into your tracks to instantly get high quality drums! Paired with a high quality melody, you have all the components of a hit song🔥
  • These sounds, like everything Wavgrind release, are 100% royalty free. No need to get the samples cleared, pay royalties, or credit Wavgrind. These are no restrictions!