Free Pete Rock Drum Kit Download

Pete Rock Drum Kit

Any hip-hop producer would recognize the name Pete Rock, and if you don’t then you should do some reading up. The Pete Rock Drum Kit is our curated collection of only the finest drum sounds in the style of this legendary producer from the golden age of hip hop. The Pete Rock Drum Samples Pack is available for instant download and includes over 350 sounds (kicks, snares, hats & percussion)

Pete Rock is known for rocking his beats on the SP-1200, but check this video where he shows that a good producer isn’t bound to one machine.

In this Pete Rock MPC Workflow video, the Soul Brother #1 is tearing up “Love is a battlefield” and showing us why he is a legend on the sampler! This isn’t an in-depth tutorial but it’s cool to see how the big names are using tools like the MPC that are common among bedroom producers and affordable these days. Respect the architects of the culture and learn from them. When you talk about the grit of 90s hip hop, it’s not about the machine, it’s about the mindset of the producer and the right samples paired with the Pete Rock Drum Kit!