Free UK Drill Drum Kit Download

Free UK Drill Drum Kit

You haven’t heard of UK Drill yet? Ok, here are some further details..

It originated from its American counterpart Chicago Drill, but also has influences from Grime or UK Garage. The tempo is based around 140 BPM and you’ll often hear a sliding sub bass, combined with a hard hitting kick and a closed hat, that is placed in a 3/16th pattern.

A lot of time the second snare hits a bit later than usual and the overall vibe is rather dark and a bit aggressive. This “dark” vibe is often created through piano chords, reverse effects etc. Popular rappers include Krept & Konan, Headie One, Digga D or RV. Whereas some of the pioneering producers were Carns Hill, QUIETPVCK and Mazza.

..but back to the UK Drill drum kit.

Starting off you’ll get access to 64 drum one shots, including kicks, snares, claps, cymbals and everything else you need. We made sure to give the samples some “dirt” (especially the kicks) so they really fit the genre. Next up we made hat-, snare- & 808 loops + matching MIDI files for all of them. As a bonus we cooked up 16 melodies and again: matching MIDI files.

Free Drum Kit Contents

  • 64 Drum Shots
  • 30 Drum Loops + MIDIs
  • 16 Melodic Loops + MIDIs

In Total

  • 154 Files
  • 210 MB