Get Lunatic Phonk Drum Kit Free Now

Free Phonk Drum Kit

Lunatic Phonk is a free Phonk Drum Kit, filled with everything you need to start making Phonk beats.

So whether you’re looking for tuned 808s, cowbells, drum hits, drum, FX, or melodies: We got you covered!

Get 25 drum hits taken from the premium libraries “Disrupted Phonk” and “Neurotic Phonk.” You’ll get cymbals, hats, tambourines, heavy-hitting kicks, and dirty snares.

Everything has been normalized and rendered in 24-bit quality.


  • 8 Tuned 808s
  • 4 Tuned Cowbells
  • 25 Drum Hits
  • 14 Drum Loops
  • 6 Effect Sounds
  • 7 Melodic Loops & MIDIs

Genres: Phonk & Trap

License: Royalty-Free

Size: 101.4 MB

Files: 64